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The most immediately noticeable difference between the i Phone X and i Phone 8 is the display.The X has a thoroughly modern-looking “edge-to-edge” screen that covers almost the entire front face of the handset, apart from a chunk at the top.Instead of revealing and fawning over two new flagships, the company instead launched a pair of slightly anticlimactic flagships that were quickly overshadowed by a luxury handset not many people will be able to afford.The i Phone X has everything that the i Phone 8 has, plus some extra stuff on top.The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, removing any numbers.Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions.That is, if you’re fine with spending boatloads of cash to get it.Apple's latest i Phone launch event was one of the strangest we've seen.

It didn’t work properly during the on-stage demonstration, but Apple says it’s more “natural” than Touch ID.

The i Phone 8 is the only phone from this trio to feature a single rear camera sensor.

It’s a 12-megapixel lens with optical image stabilisation and an aperture of f/1.8.

Depending on the model, many of the carriers are offering the same.

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Although waiting six weeks might not be a problem for some, e Bay sellers are hoping that there are would-be i Phone X owners with cash to burn who won’t mind dropping thousands to get access to their pre-ordered devices.Apple’s (AAPL) i Phone X was made available for pre-order at a.m. Within minutes, the i Phone X’s initial supply on sold out, pushing shipping dates back on all subsequent orders.

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