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21-Oct-2017 18:00

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He even sometimes would watch me from a far or another room just doing my daily things, just to have an eye on me and keep those memories close to his heart.

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First of all, I think many would agree that the media heavily influences the status quo. 2) He is a nerd, super smart, scary smart and probably has glasses coz that’s what smart people wear. How can even stigmatize a whole race based on these bullshit lies???Clearly the process of weighing me up as a future spouse had already began.Sweetness- I am not sure if this is about many guys but mine was certainly sweet. (And please no, that doesn’t deduct any of his masculinity points OK, good sweet guy does not equal to lacking in man power, believe me).But from my own boyfriend, I found out he was quite generous.

When I lost a lot of money he simply transferred what I had lost in my account, so that I can continue traveling, just to make me happy even though he was not there with me. Secondly, when were were out on dates, he would never accept me to pay for a single thing, even though I kept insisting, but he was giving me these terrible looks, explaining how much a guy loses face if the girl pays for him.I find that even black men love to jump on this bullshit stereotypes of Asian men, their endowment and love making, its just racism, racial prejudice all over for men having too much competition to deal with so they don’t want to cut Asian guys a fricken break in movies and give them the damn lead roles, and sex them up and hook them up with whoever damn it, coz let me tell ya.

This was an important component of the material before the Recorder and, quite early on in his judgment, he quoted extensively from the passage in the CAFCASS report where the officer set out her professional judgment on the case, although ultimately going on to disagree with her recommendation.6.… continue reading »

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You can attract the right kind of people with shared interests or an important issue like religion.… continue reading »

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