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The plot is very simple: Mr Lazarescu is a widower in his early sixties; he’s been suffering from a bad headache and sickness for several days; in the middle of one evening, he phones for an ambulance. Once the ambulance – containing two paramedics and Lazarescu – sets off from the block of flats where he lives, the film becomes an odyssey, as a succession of Bucharest hospitals examine the elderly man and decide that he would be better off in a different hospital.In the course of the night (the film ends in the early hours of the following morning) the patient’s condition deteriorates; a blood clot on the brain is diagnosed – as is terminal liver damage.The film – especially these exchanges with the medics – is extraordinarily well and sensitively written (by Cristi Puiu and Razvan Radulescu).In the middle of one of his verbal rambles, Lazarescu says, ‘It’s a question of mortality’.There is an amazing moment in the ambulance when Gheorghiu lets you see the warring questions in Mioara’s head. ) is a 2005 Romanian dark comedy film by director Cristi Puiu.The film is planned to be the first in a series by Puiu called Six Stories from the Outskirts of Bucharest.The film was named the fifth "Best Film of the 21st Century So Far" in 2017 by The New York Times.

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Most of the hospital staff are not unconcerned about Lazarescu but humaneness is severely rationed; you get the sense that they have to develop distancing strategies to keep sane and keep the service running at all.In the film an old man (Ioan Fiscuteanu) is carried by an ambulance from hospital to hospital all night long, as doctors keep refusing to treat him and send him away. Lazarescu enjoyed immediate critical acclaim, both at film festivals, where it won numerous awards, and after wider release, receiving enthusiastic reviews.However, the film did poorly in international box office.He HHe gets more ill and less vocal and the point comes when you suddenly realise that she has become the heart of the story.

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(You’re as outraged at her treatment by senior medics as you’re distressed that Lazarescu’s voyage threatens to have no ending.) Finally, Mioara goes off duty – she and the ambulance driver disappear, taking the well-used (soiled) stretcher with them – and Lazarescu moves back into focus, as he is shaved, stripped and prepared for the operating theatre.runs 154 minutes but it’s so relentlessly absorbing that it feels long only because of the sympathy that you feel for Lazarescu’s endless wait for the right treatment.