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30-Jun-2017 22:09

Within the LFD church -- commonly called the Mormons -- a disfellowshipped member has certain privileges removed, but still remains a member.

One's duty is to follow these defined rules of conduct, regardless of the practical consequences. None would seek out God unless God first intervenes in their life.

It typically unites a group of individual, local congregations into a single administrative body.

Deontological: a system of ethics based on fixed rules which need to be followed in order for a person to be ethically and morally justified in their decisions.

This can have devastating consequences to persons in a high-intensity religious group whose entire support system involves fellow members.

Dispensation, Dispensationalism: The is the concept that all of human history has been divided into seven distinct periods of time or dispensations.

Diatessaron: The belief that the four Christian Gospels are in harmony with each other.

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