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In February 2012, CHIRP gained support for programming the Yaesu FT-8×7 family of radios, thanks to efforts by Marco IZ3GME.In examining the memory image of the current 60-meter-capable FT-817ND radio, it’s apparent that the new channels (which the -ND models added over the originals) are simply tacked onto the end.Every shift, I would take a few quarters out of the tip jar and get a few handfuls of candy from the vending machine. I started to hear the noises the machines make when someone puts a quarter in and turns the handle.The machine was taking in all kinds of money and the owner was nowhere in sight!Next, download an image of the radio, by going to Radio - Download from Radio.

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As the unit runs 240 volts, if something is really bad – you don’t want your finger across the electrodes.If you do it right and avoid the scams, bulk candy vending is an excellent way to take your first step toward entrepreneurship by collecting income-producing assets.