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This maxim speaks to his lifelong obsession with unraveling secrets.

Growing up in the Appalachian town of West Liberty, Kentucky, Nickell was a curious child whose parents indulged his obsessions.

Despite the medium’s pronouncement, he said Houdini was a no-show.

He’s conducted his own séances every Halloween since 1996 at the Center for Inquiry, where he works.

When Nickell became interested in magic, his father, a postmaster and amateur magician, taught him some of the tricks that he knew.

He became an amateur sleuth at the age of eight when his parents bought him a professional fingerprinting kit and he turned a room in his house into a crime lab.

Joe Nickell is ‘terrible’ at sighting ghosts and has a ‘pitiful record’ of catching extra-terrestrials. Nickell is perhaps the world’s only full-time salaried paranormal investigator. It is, after all, his job to explain away the paranormal.

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He’s been investigating hauntings since attending his first séance in 1969 and says he has never come across any evidence that would prove the existence of ghosts. He began to consider himself a skeptic of paranormal claims in 1969 when he attended his first séance as part of a CBC radio special, Houdini in Canada.

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