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15-Jun-2017 16:45

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The struggle to get people to put their faces online was highlighted with recent scrutiny of Airtime, a much hyped startup video chat site backed by Napster doyens Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning.Consequently, most calling still takes place between family and friends.I just quit my job today and my manager was so rude about it. So I called in saying that I quit because I had to focus on school [I stood back my senior year because of stress related to family matters and the other employees at work.] He was really rude, saying: "Why're you telling me this over the phone? The people that they promote are just as useless as the people that they alredy have in these positions. In fact, I'd be willing to bet your ### stinks like everyone else and after you die the world will still turn without missing a beat. I know "its just Walgreens" and I'm sure they made it without you, but it sucks when people leave you hanging and everyone else has to pick up the slack when its already crazy busy.Pharmacists are treates like 2nd class citizens, and so called "specialists" run wild laughing and talking not allowing pharmacists to have ample concentraton. Sorry your paranoia had you thinking that everyone was making fun of you, but they probably weren't.We care for your privacy thus your email will not be revealed to other members.

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It's a matter of interest level: What someone's doing on the Westside probably isn't that much more interesting or different than what I'm doing on the Eastside.

My quailty of work at the CPO was not worthy of a promotion, yet they promoted me because I gave a good job interveiw.

When I applied for the job that I currently have, I did not even know what the job was.

My work does meet goal but I can honestly say that there are people below me that are better suited to perform the job that I am doing right now.

I can honestly say that I would not recomend a job at the CPO and that I have wasted nearly a decade at walgreens.It is not a good place for an educated white american, male or female. for an "educated white American" you sure are a an elitist ignorant ###. If you did, then you'd know what its like to REALLY work in a environment that's not conducive to concentration. Most likely the reason you're so shy is because you lack confidence and you start out thinking people don't like you without any reason.