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She is the first recipient of the Outstanding Contribution by an Actress/Actor Award in 1986.Moreover, she was also voted Best Actress twice by the Soap Opera Update Awards in 19. Hall’s first appearance in a television show was in 1970 when she appeared in a single episode called ‘We Once Came Home to Parades’ in the series ‘San Francisco International Airport’. In addition to this, Hall has appeared in other productions too, such as Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, Hot Pursuit, Our House (as Jessica ‘Jessie’ Witherspoon in 46 episodes), Wiseguy, Women of the House, and more.

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Later, she realized that she was more cut out to be an actress instead. She was cast in the series from 1976-1987, 1991-20-2017, a total of 40 years. In 1987, she married for the third time with Michael Dubelko. She then married Steve Sohmer in 1991 and divorced after having two children with him.

It makes sense she’s willing to take on anything — what could be more intimidating than the demanding daytime schedule? and she’s often required to memorize between 10 and 30 pages per day.

But to hear her tell it, she would have it no other way.

She has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy three times but hasn't won any.

Marlena Evans on “Days of Our Lives,” Deidre Hall has had it rough: She’s been in a coma, been kidnapped on multiple occasions, battled an evil twin, fallen from a 30th-floor window and — in one of daytime’s most famous plotlines — been possessed by the devil.“It’s the hardest job there is because of the pace,” she says.